J.Kamieńska, B.Niewiński, J.Wasiluk Law Firm s.c.

Law Firm „J. Kamieńska, B. Niewiński, J. Wasiluk s.c.” has been founded in the year 1999, through merging two legal offices, already existing from 1992 – „J. Kamieńska, B. Kazberuk” S.C. and „B. Niewiński, J. Wasiluk” S.C.

The range of our activities covers comprehensive, long-term and temporary legal assistance and representation of business and individual entities, particularly within the scope of civil law, mercantile law, business law, tax law, construction law, public procurement law, banking law, law on bankruptcy and rehabilitation.

In the course of running our enterprise, we take part in establishing and developing of a number of business entities, achieving renown and recognition among our regular clients.


ul. Elizy Orzeszkowej 32 lok. 502
15-084 Białystok

phone / fax +48 85 - 744 - 66 - 59


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