Execution and remuneration

Execution and remuneration

The law firm while performing legal services consisting of temporary and specialised legal representation, aims at providing the client with the best practices and innovative solutions.

1. Providing the temporary legal advice and representation of an enterprise, law firm offers services of continuous standby of certain lawyers, on prearranged time and place, also allowing the client to contact them on the phone prior to the expiration of the contract. Additionally, we are able to perform a video conference using a given set of telephone numbers. Moreover, we provide the possibility of consulting a number of specialists knowledgeable in various branches of law on prearranged date.

Aforementioned services are based on providing legal advice, drawing up or assessing draft documents, assisting in negotiations, also taking actions towards client’s contractors on his behalf if being provided of powers of attorney.

Such model of cooperation is characterized by a flat rate compensation, set by mutual agreement basing on the monthly working hours limit determined by the client.

2. We propose hourly rate of remuneration for specialised legal services like: drawing up designs, assessments, expert assessments; providing service for other ventures, projects, agreements and contracts; advice and assistance in case of complex legal issues; representing the client in contact with proper national and foreign institutions and authorities.

3. Taking into consideration expectation of our clients, we also provide legal service as a single commission, or one time remuneration agreed before the signature of the contract.


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